Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday Shopping!

In an attempt to boost the economy, my mother and I did our part today during Black Friday shopping! We began this morning at Wal-mart at 5 am (I can't say that I recommend this, as it was very poorly managed and people were acting like idiots). We made it to Target in time to get in line to enter the store at 6 am, where we were able to obtain the purchases that we were hoping for. We made a quick stop to Best Buy to get some Blu Rays; where I might add that this is the shortest trip that I have ever had in Best Buy for Black Friday shopping, there was barely a line (I think I stood in line for about 3 minutes. We then went to Macy's to get a few items we were looking for, and a few we didn't expect to get, but were too good of deals to pass up. Finally, we ended up picking up my step-sister and went to the mall for our final excursion. As you can see, the car trunk was absolutely FILLED (and this is a rather large trunk). Overall, a great day of shopping, and boy am I ready for a nap!

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